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High blood pressure treatment can improve health and prevent complications; internist Kofo Ekadi, MD, offers high blood pressure treatment at Delta Medical Clinic for residents of the Burleson, Texas area.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

Is High Blood Pressure Important?

High blood pressure can be critically important for overall health. People with hypertension -- the medical term for high blood pressure -- might not have any symptoms, even when their blood pressure reaches dangerously high levels. Hypertension is sometimes known as the “silent killer” for just that reason. High blood pressure actually damages the artery walls and heart, increasing the risk of stroke, heart attack, and heart and kidney failure.

Are There Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure?

Simply growing older increases the risk of high blood pressure, as the walls of the arteries become less flexible with age. Hypertension often runs in families, and African Americans are more likely to develop this condition than other groups. Tobacco in any form, obesity, lack of physical activity, stress, and excessive alcohol use increase the risk of developing high blood pressure. Too much salt in the diet may make high blood pressure worse for some people.

How is High Blood Pressure Treated?

Medications and lifestyle changes are the primary treatments for high blood pressure. Doctors make different recommendations depending on the patient's risk factors, other medical conditions and actual blood pressure readings. In most cases, a doctor will recommend medications for blood pressure readings of 150/90 and above (140/90 for people who have diabetes). The medications may help eliminate excess fluid in the body, relax blood vessels or affect chemicals and hormones that regulate blood pressure.

What About Lifestyle Changes for High Blood Pressure?

Although lifestyle changes can make a big difference in all cases of high blood pressure, lifestyle changes alone won't usually do the job if hypertension is severe. In mild to moderate hypertension, weight loss increased exercise and stress management can be very effective and may help patients avoid medications. Other lifestyle strategies include stopping or avoiding tobacco use, eating a healthy diet and limiting alcohol to two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Delta Medical Clinic, we accept most major insurance plans. Self pay patients are welcome. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. For inquiries on specific insurance plans or pricing, please contact our office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
First Health
Great West
Molina Healthcare
Secure Horizons
Superior HealthPlan
Texas Medicaid

Words from our patients

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    "I cannot say enough good about this physician. She is the best primary care physician I have ever met and I am a registered nurse."

    Eunice D.
  • "What I like best about Dr. Ekadi is that she is thorough, she also takes the time to listen and explain what I sometimes don't understand."

    Cathy H.
  • "She is a warm, caring, compassionate physician. She gives you a reassuring feeling about your health."

    Sandra W.
  • "I love Dr. Ekadi! She is the best doctor I have ever had. She is always smiling. Dr. Ekadi always knows what to say, and what is wrong with me."

    Elizabeth V.
  • "I like Dr. Ekadi's personal attention with her patients. I love that I get detailed feedback and that I can get same day appointments with her."

    Edna P.
  • "Obviously she's a super doctor! For her it's not just about business; it's about patient care and well being of her patients."

    Rhonda P.
  • "She is concerned about her patients. She listens to and explains patients' diagnosis. She is a great doctor all the way around."

    Martha G.
  • "Takes her time to answer all the questions I have. She is patient, and focuses on the sickness of the patient to control what the person has."

    Eva P.
  • "Takes her time to answer all the questions I have. She is patient, and focuses on the sickness of the patient to control what the person has."

    Eva P.
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