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Cancer Screenings

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Cancer screening helps catch problems early, when they are most likely to be treatable. Internist Kofo Ekadi, MD, of Delta Medical Clinic, offers a wide variety of cancer screening options for adults who live in the Burleson, Texas area.

Cancer Screenings Q & A

What is Cancer Screening?

Screening for cancer is one of the basics in preventive health care. The early detection of cancer, coupled with immediate treatment, increases the odds of a cure or prolongs survival. Screening involves regular physical exams, laboratory tests and imaging studies like mammograms, which are used to screen for breast cancer. Some patients may be at high risk because of certain genetic mutations, so if they have a strong family history of the disease, a doctor may recommend genetic testing as well.

Do Men and Women Need the Same Cancer Screening?

Some cancer screening recommendations are the same for both men and women. For example, both men and women should be screened for colon cancer, and smokers should be screened for lung cancer. The primary difference is in cancers of the reproductive organs. While men can develop breast cancer, it's not common. However, women are at greater risk, so they usually need a mammogram every year. Pap smears help detect cervical cancer, while men should have periodic rectal exams to check for prostate cancer. Ultrasounds are used to screen for ovarian cancer.

What Are the Current Recommendations for Cancer Screening?

As of this writing, the American Cancer Society recommends routine screening for breast, colon, cervical, lung, prostate, and uterine cancer. Women should begin breast cancer screening by age 50 in most cases. A colonoscopy is recommended at age 50 and then every five to 10 years for both men and women. Women need Pap smears beginning at age 21. Men with a high risk of prostate cancer should have a rectal exam and PSA blood test every one or two years. Both men and women between the ages of 55 and 80 who currently smoke heavily, or quit within the last 15 years, should have a CT scan once a year. In this case, “heavily” means the equivalent of smoking one pack per day for 30 years.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At Delta Medical Clinic, we accept most major insurance plans. Self pay patients are welcome. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. For inquiries on specific insurance plans or pricing, please contact our office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
First Health
Great West
Molina Healthcare
Secure Horizons
Superior HealthPlan